RandM Tornado 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape: Your Ultimate Vaping Companion

Are you in search of a top-notch high-puff Disposable Vape? Look no further than the R and M Tornado 9000! This trendy device boasts an 850mAh built-in rechargeable battery and an 18ml pre-filled pod, ensuring an extensive vaping session with a whopping 9000 puffs. But that’s not all! Its 0.9ohm mesh coil strikes the perfect balance between rich flavour and improved vapour production. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of fruity, minty, and tangy goodness with every inhale and exhale of the Tornado 9000 kit’s 40+ flavours. Don’t hesitate; place your order now!

RandM Tornado 9000 – Effortless Vaping Experience

Setting up and using the RandM Tornado 9000 puff vape is a breeze! The device is inhale-activated, so you only need to remove it from the packaging, remove the protective seal from the top and bottom, and start vaping right away! Featuring two little airflow intake holes at the bottom for bigger hits, this device is designed for maximum convenience. Recharge its rechargeable battery using a Type-C charger for uninterrupted vaping pleasure. Indulge in over 40 delectable e-juice flavours, ranging from fruity to refreshing menthol and dessert-inspired. With pre-loaded nic salt e-liquid, expect a smoother throat hit and unparalleled flavour with every puff. The integrated mesh coil ensures flavourful and efficient hits, providing a mouthwatering, flavoursome vaping experience.

Explore the Marvelous Specs of RandM Tornado 9000

The RandM Tornado 9000 catches the eye with its bulky and creative alien graphic design, featuring a different cartoon alien artwork on each device, reminiscent of 1960’s Mars attacks trading cards. Zoom in, and you’ll feel the texture, giving it a sparkling touch of matte colours. Concealable in your hand, the device boasts an ergonomic round-shaped mouthpiece for the perfect Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping experience. As you take a puff, the bottom of the device glows, with clear plastic encasing six small RGB lights that flash for seven seconds in vibrant colours: yellow, red, light blue, blue, green, and purple. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?


What is a RandM Tornado 9000?

The RandM Tornado 9000 is a pre-filled and rechargeable disposable e-cigarette boasting an impressive e-liquid capacity of 18ml. Crafted to deliver approximately 9000 satisfying puffs, this device offers a convenient and maintenance-free vaping experience. With striking design elements, adjustable airflow, and a variety of mouthwatering flavour options, the RandM Tornado 9000 caters to vapers who appreciate airy draws and enjoy nostalgic alien comic-style artwork.

Is the R and M Tornado Vape 9000 rechargeable?

Yes, the R and M Tornado Vape 9000 features a built-in 850mAh rechargeable battery. Initially pre-charged, users can continue to enjoy vaping until the battery level diminishes, at which point the device can be recharged using a Type-C cable connected to a suitable charging source. The device can undergo multiple charging cycles, providing up to 9000 puffs until both the battery and e-liquid are depleted.

How many puffs can a Tornado Vape 9000 hold?

Designed to accommodate approximately 9000 flavourful puffs, the Tornado Vape 9000 offers extended usage periods for moderate vapers. Its generous e-liquid capacity and prolonged battery life ensure lasting enjoyment without the need for refills. Users can indulge in up to 9000 puffs until both the battery and e-liquid reach their end.

What are the best R&M Tornado 9000 flavours?

The R&M Tornado 9000 is celebrated among vapers for its diverse array of mouthwatering flavours. Options include Orange Soda, Black Dragon Ice, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Lush Ice, Pink Lemonade, and many others, providing a unique flavour experience with each inhale and exhale. Ultimately, flavour preference is subjective, and users are encouraged to explore the variety of options available to find the perfect match for their taste buds.

What happens if you overcharge the RandM Tornado 9000?

Overcharging the RandM Tornado 9000 may lead to battery issues and a reduction in lifespan. Extended charging periods, particularly overnight, can cause the battery to heat up or swell, posing potential safety hazards. To ensure a seamless vaping experience, it is recommended to disconnect the device once fully charged and refrain from vaping while charging.

Where can you purchase the RandM Tornado 9000 in the UK?

The RandM Tornado 9000 is available for purchase at Vapelust, a prominent online vape store in the UK. Offering a wide selection of disposable vapes featuring various puff counts, nicotine strengths, and flavour profiles, Vapelust prides itself on affordability, quality, and expedited delivery services. With a diverse range of scrumptious flavours and competitive pricing, Vapelust stands as a preferred choice among UK vapers.

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