Crystal Pro Max Vape Red apple ice 4000 Puffs

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Introducing Crystal Pro Max Vape Red Apple Ice with 4000 puffs – a refreshing vaping delight capturing the essence of juicy red apples served over ice. Crafted with precision, this high-capacity disposable vape device offers a cool and invigorating experience. Savor the natural sweetness and icy touch with every puff. Ideal for vape enthusiasts seeking convenience and a refreshing vape journey. Elevate your vaping pleasure with Crystal Pro Max Vape Red Apple Ice 4000 Puffs.

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Welcome to Vape Lust, your one-stop shop for premium vaping products and an array of delectable e-liquids. We are delighted to present our latest innovation – the Crystal Pro Max Vape Red apple ice 4000 Puffs. Immerse yourself in the invigorating taste of crisp red apples infused with a refreshing icy twist.

A Wholesome Vaping Experience with Long-Lasting Puffs

Indulge in a wholesome vaping experience with Crystal Pro Max Vape Red apple ice 4000 Puffs, offering an impressive 4000 puffs that will keep you coming back for more. Designed for uninterrupted enjoyment, this pod device ensures consistent draws, delivering the delightful flavor of red apple ice with each puff.

Unmatched Performance with Mesh Coil Technology

Prepare to be impressed by the unmatched performance of Crystal Pro Max Red Apple Ice Vape, equipped with innovative mesh coil technology. This cutting-edge design enhances airflow, resulting in more enormous clouds and superior taste, making your vaping sessions exceptional.

Customizable Airflow for Your Preferences

Enjoy complete control over your vaping experience with Crystal Pro Max Red Apple Ice Vape’s air-adjustable feature. Adjust the airflow to your liking, whether you desire a tighter draw for intensified flavor or a more open draw for impressive cloud production. The choice is yours to tailor your perfect vape.


  • Puffs: 4000 Puffs
  • Nicotine Free Vape
  • Fixed power disposable Vape
  • Pre-filled Red Apple Ice flavour E-Liquid
  • The Crystal Ecig Pro Max 4000 is a Rechargeable Device
  • Crystal Max 4000 has 20mg ( 2% ) Nicotine Strength
  • Crystal vape pro max flavours have Up to 4000 Puffs
  • Choice of Many Flavours
  • Mesh Coil Technology
  • Air Flow Control
  • Draw Activation

Pre-filled Juice Pods for Convenience

Experience the ultimate convenience with Crystal Pro Max Red Apple Ice Vape’s pre-filled juice pods. Each 2ml pod has the delectable red apple ice flavor, ensuring a mess-free experience without manual refilling. Insert a new pod to continue your flavorful journey.

Long-Lasting Battery for Uninterrupted Enjoyment

The Crystal Pro Max Vape Red apple ice 4000 Puffs features a powerful 650mAh built-in battery, providing you with the power you need for extended enjoyment. Whether on the go or relaxing at home, this reliable battery ensures your vaping sessions are uninterrupted and satisfying.

Smooth Nicotine Salt for a Satisfying Throat Hit

Indulge in a smooth and satisfying vaping experience with 2% nicotine salt in each Crystal Pro Max Vape Red apple ice 4000 Puffs pod. Enjoy a pleasant throat hit without harshness, allowing you to relish the crispness of red apples and the icy coolness without discomfort.

Embrace the Cool Crispness of Crystal Pro Max Red Apple Ice Vape

Discover the enchanting taste of Crystal Pro Max Red Apple Ice Vape and elevate your vaping journey to new heights. With long-lasting puffs, innovative mesh coil technology, customizable airflow, and the convenience of pre-filled juice pods, this pod device promises an unforgettable vaping experience.

Relish the refreshing blend of red apples and icy freshness in each draw, and savor the smooth nicotine salt for a satisfying throat hit. Embrace the cool crispness of Crystal Pro Max Vape Red apple ice 4000 Puffs from Vape Lust and embark on a flavor-packed adventure. Order now and unleash the crisp refreshment you’ve been craving—Vape Lust – Your Gateway to Flavorful Experiences.


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