Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs

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Introducing Elf Bar Apple Peach, an enchanting disposable vape pen delivering 600 puffs of fruity bliss. Revel in the harmonious blend of crisp apples and succulent peaches, creating a refreshing and delightful vaping experience. With its sleek design and hassle-free operation, it’s perfect for on-the-go indulgence. Embrace the convenience and delectable taste of Elf Bar Apple Peach, tailored for discerning vapers seeking a satisfying and flavorful companion in every puff.

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Welcome to Vape Lust, your ultimate destination for premium products that redefine satisfaction. We are delighted to introduce the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs. This remarkable disposable vape device promises to elevate your experience with the perfect harmony of crisp apples and succulent peaches. Crafted with expertise and designed for convenience, this disposable vape device is ideal for both seasoned vapers and newcomers, delivering unparalleled flavour and an extraordinary vaping journey.

 A Symphony of Flavors – Pre-Filled with Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs

Savour the delightful fusion of flavours with the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs, pre-filled with 1.3ml of tantalizing Apple Peach E-juice. Our masterful blend captures the essence of ripe apples and juicy peaches, delivering a symphony of sweet and tangy notes with every puff. The Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs ensures a consistent and delightful vape, making it the ultimate choice for vapers seeking the perfect harmony of flavours.

 Ample E-juice Capacity for Endless Enjoyment

Extend your vaping pleasure with the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs and its generous 2ml e-juice capacity. This substantial reservoir guarantees an extended vaping session, eliminating the need for frequent refills and ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment. Whether on the move or relaxing at home, the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs provides a continuous supply of e-juice, guaranteeing a flavorful and satisfying daily vaping experience.

 Perfectly Balanced Nicotine Strength – Satisfy Your Cravings

Discover the perfect balance of nicotine satisfaction and smoothness with the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs, featuring precisely calibrated 2% nicotine strength. This optimal level caters to moderate and heavy nicotine users, providing a gratifying vaping experience without harshness. Whether you’re looking to reduce nicotine intake or simply enjoy a flavorful vape, the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs is the ideal choice.

 Empowering Your Vaping Journey – Unleash the Battery Power

Empower your vaping journey with the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs, equipped with a 550mAh battery. This high-capacity battery ensures consistent performance, delivering great taste and satisfying vapour production from the first draw to the last. Say goodbye to frequent charging or battery anxiety and embrace the freedom of an extended vaping experience with the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs.


  • Fixed power disposable Vape
  • Pre-filled Apple Peach flavour E-Liquid
  • Crystal vape pro max flavours have Up to 4000 Puffs
  • Crystal Max 4000 has 20mg ( 2% ) Nicotine Strength
  • Nicotine strength – 2.0% (20mg)
  • Dimensions – 105mm x 18mm
  • Battery capacity – 360mAh
  • Total puffs – Up to 600
  • Output power – 9W
  • Nicotine Free Vape
  • Choice of flavours
  • Air Flow Control
  • Draw Activation

 Unleash 600 Puffs of Pure Enjoyment – Long-Lasting Performance

Embark on an extraordinary vaping journey with the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs, offering an impressive capacity of 600 puffs. This exceptional feat is a testament to its long-lasting and reliable performance, setting it apart from traditional vaping devices. The Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs are designed for convenience, providing a hassle-free experience without needing maintenance, refills, or coil changes. Every puff is a moment of pure enjoyment, from the first draw to the last.

 Compact, Light, and Portable – Your Perfect On-the-Go Companion

Enhance your on-the-go vaping experience with the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs, a device that embodies portability and convenience. Its compact and lightweight design allows you to carry it effortlessly in your pocket or purse. Whether you’re travelling, attending social events, or simply taking a moment to unwind, the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs is the ideal companion, providing an enjoyable vaping experience at your fingertips.

 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly – Our Commitment to the Environment

At Vape Lust, we are committed to sustainability, and the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs reflect our dedication to environmental responsibility. This disposable vape device is crafted from recyclable materials, minimizing its environmental impact. Additionally, its disposable design reduces e-waste, making it a more eco-friendly choice than traditional vaping setups.

In conclusion, the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs is a game-changing disposable vape device offering unparalleled convenience, performance, and the perfect harmony of apples and peaches. Its pre-filled Apple Peach E-juice, generous capacity, and optimal nicotine strength cater to your preferences, delivering a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

With a powerful battery supporting 600 puffs and a sleek design, the Elf Bar Apple Peach 600 Puffs ensures the freedom to vape anywhere. Trust Vape Lust for only the finest vaping products that redefine satisfaction and bring the symphony of apple peach to your vaping journey.


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