Randm Tornado ice pop 2% Nicotine (9000 Puffs)

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Introducing Randm Tornado Ice Pop, a refreshing burst of icy flavors with 2% nicotine and an astounding 9000 puffs per device. Immerse yourself in the invigorating blend, promising a prolonged and satisfying vaping experience. Precision-crafted for premium quality and taste, Randm Tornado ensures a smooth and refreshing journey. Elevate your vaping adventure with the tantalizing Ice Pop flavor and unparalleled endurance.

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Welcome to Vape Lust, your premium destination for high-quality vaping products. We are excited to introduce you to the latest addition to our collection – the Randm Tornado ice pop 2% Nicotine (9000 Puffs). Designed to provide an exceptional vaping experience, this product offers an impressive 9000 puffs, making it a long-lasting and satisfying choice for enthusiasts.

Key Features

1. Extended Puff Capacity

The Randm Tornado ice pop 2% Nicotine (9000 Puffs) capacity, ensuring that you can enjoy the vaping experience without the hassle of frequent replacements. This high puff count makes it an excellent option for those seeking a long-lasting solution that minimizes the need for constant refills.

2. Icy Refreshment

Indulge in the cool and refreshing sensation of the Ice Pop flavour. The delightful combination of icy menthol and fruity undertones provides a harmonious blend of flavours that will tantalize your taste buds with every inhale. Whether you’re craving a rejuvenating puff or a moment of relaxation, the Random Tornado Ice Pop has you covered.

3. Optimal Nicotine Strength

With a nicotine strength of 2%, this vape is designed to strike the perfect balance between a satisfying throat hit and a smooth draw. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the experience, this nicotine level caters to a wide range of preferences and ensures a gratifying vaping session.

4. Sleek and Portable Design

Crafted with aesthetics and convenience, the Randm Tornado ice pop 2% Nicotine (9000 Puffs) features a sleek and portable design. Its slim profile fits comfortably in your hand or pocket, making it a hassle-free companion for on-the-go vaping. Enjoy the freedom to indulge in your favourite flavours wherever you are.

5. User-Friendly Operation

Experience hassle-free vaping with theRandm Tornado ice pop 2% Nicotine (9000 Puffs) user-friendly operation. A simple draw-activation mechanism eliminates the need for buttons or settings, allowing you to focus solely on the pleasure of vaping. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced vaper, this product is designed to cater to your needs.

6. Quality and Safety

At Vape Lust, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. The Randm Tornado ice pop 2% Nicotine (9000 Puffs) undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure consistent performance and flavour delivery. It is manufactured in compliance with industry standards and regulations, providing you with a reliable and secure vaping experience.


1. Nicotine Content: 2%
2.  Puff Count: 9000 puffs
3. Flavor: Ice Pop
4. User Level: Suitable for beginners and experienced vapers
5. Battery: Integrated battery for long-lasting use
6. Design: Ergonomic and visually appealing
7. Compatibility: Ready to use; no additional components required


1. Long-Lasting Enjoyment

Say goodbye to frequent refills and enjoy an extended vaping experience with the Randm Tornado ice pop 2% Nicotine (9000 Puffs) impressive 9000-puff capacity. This feature is perfect for those who prefer uninterrupted vaping sessions without the inconvenience of constant cartridge changes.

2. Refreshing Flavor Fusion

The Ice Pop flavour offers a unique blend of icy menthol and fruity notes, creating a refreshing taste explosion with each inhale. Indulge in a cooling sensation that invigorates your senses and provides a delightful escape from the ordinary.

3. Customized Nicotine Intake

With a 2% nicotine strength, this vape caters to a wide range of nicotine preferences. Whether you want to reduce your nicotine intake or savour a satisfying throat hit, the optimal nicotine level ensures a well-balanced experience for all vapers.

4. Portability at Its Best

The Randm Tornado Ice Pop’s slim and portable design ensures you can carry your favourite flavours wherever you go. Its sleek profile fits effortlessly in your pocket or bag, making R and M Tornado 9000 an ideal choice for busy individuals who value convenience.

5. Effortless Operation

Experience vaping made simple with the Random Tornado Ice Pop’s draw-activated mechanism. There’s no need to fiddle with buttons or settings – inhale and enjoy. This feature is perfect for beginners and anyone seeking a hassle-free vaping experience.

6. Trustworthy Quality

Rest assured that every Randm Tornado Ice Pop is manufactured with precision and care. Our commitment to quality and safety guarantees a consistent and enjoyable vaping journey that you can rely on.

Elevate your vaping experience with the Random Tornado Ice Pop 2% Nicotine, offering an impressive 9000 puffs of icy refreshment. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the vaping world, this product’s user-friendly design, optimal nicotine strength, and exceptional flavour fusion make it a must-have addition to your collection. At Vape Lust, we’re dedicated to providing premium products that prioritize your satisfaction and safety. Embrace the convenience, flavour, and longevity that the Random Tornado Ice Pop delivers – order yours today and experience vaping like never before.


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